PHP developer – join us!

Hi! We are Codelight – a web development company based in Tartu & Tallinn, Estonia.
We are looking for an experienced, ambitious PHP developer to join our team.

What you’ll be doing in Codelight:

  • Building awesome e-commerce solutions and custom apps on Laravel or Craft CMS,
  • Creating and improving our open-source development tools to help other team members and give back to the community,
  • Taking responsibility for delivering quality solutions for our customers,
  • Mentoring our junior developers,
  • Building things the right way.

What we expect from you:

  • Experience with PHP and at least one modern MVC framework (e.g. Symfony / Laravel / Zend),
  • Excellent understanding of object-oriented programming,
  • Good communication skills,
  • Interest in web application architecture,
  • Ambition to grow into a top class expert in web app development.

We are looking to fill an intermediate to senior-level position (generally equivalent to 5+ years of experience). However, we don’t judge this by your years of experience, but rather your real-world skills.

Why working with us will be awesome:

Flexible hours? Check. Flexible days? Check. Want to work from Sri Lanka for 2 months during winter because it’s too cold here? Ask our team members for housing recommendations.

Fair salary
You will be paid according to the value you provide, not for how long you’ve worked with us or how many years of experience you have.

Technical leadership & culture
Our company is lead by experienced developers, not business people. We understand stuff like technical debt, development time estimation problems – and we choose our clients carefully.

About Codelight:

We are a technically capable dev team focused on high quality application development, e-commerce and WordPress. We build commercial products, custom solutions for our clients and contribute to open source.


Drop us a line at [email protected] Tell us a little about yourself, your skills, your interests and any side projects you’ve done. Please attach a CV and also the link to your GitHub profile (if you have one).