Codelight is looking for a maintenance engineer (junior, part-time)

Hi! We are Codelight – a small, but active web development agency. We are looking for a part-time junior maintenance engineer.

Your tasks at Codelight:

  • Updating & testing WP-based sites,
  • Solving post-update problems,
  • Monitoring sites & creating reports,
  • Occasional customer support.


What we expect from you:

  • You have experience with the WordPress and plugins ecosystem.
  • You have at least a basic understanding of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • You are proactive, precise, good at communicating and take responsibility for your work.
  • You have very good written and oral Estonian and English skills.


Why were great to work with:

Independence and a flexible work schedule

We have comfortable offices in Tallinn and Tartu. You can choose to work in either or switch between the two. If you want, you can work from home or even move to Sri Lanka for winter like some of our team members did last winter. What we mean to say is – it’s up to you where you work and mostly also when you work (although there needs to be some overlap with regular business hours).

Fair wages

We pay based on value not years of experience or how many years you’ve worked for us.

Management and work culture

We are a small and agile team without strict processes and limitations. You have a say in how you work and we gladly listen to any suggestions for improvement.

Supportive team and fun events

If you ever need help with anything, the team is there for you. We take our team members’ health and happiness seriously and talk openly about any issues that come up.

We have summer and winter team events, celebrate birthdays, organize game nights (online and offline) and simply get together after work.


About Codelight

We are a technically capable team of developers, who are focused on building high-quality web applications, e-commerce and WordPress sites.

We have extensive experience with complicated WooCommerce topics, adapted functionalities and third party service integrations like ERP or shipping.

We use the best tools of modern web development and continuously contribute to developing them.

PS! Feel free to ask to see our portfolio. Due to some project specific restrictions we can’t show everything in our public portfolio. There are also a growing number of projects that we haven’t added due to our heavy workload.



Write to us at [email protected].

Provide a short description of yourself, your skills and interests, and why you’d be the best fit for the job. Please add your CV.